Stress Test

Stress can often originate from sources we hardly ever associate with it. Stress can also originate from emotional and psychological causes. For example, thinking of such an accident or a pending unpleasant event will make people anxious; many find it difficult to sleep. Then they worry about not getting enough sleep and how they will go to work without sleep. And so on. One stressful event leads to another and, if we do not control it, the domino effect kicks in. This test will help you to identify what causes your stress and the particular nutritional elements that get depleted under each stress circumstances.


In each of the five tests developed by Dr. Neher1, please note the items that apply to your present feelings.

The "O" Group

My life seems incomplete
I feel shy with all but my close friends
I have feelings of insecurity
I often feel unequal to others
When things go right I sometimes feel undeserving
I feel something is missing in my life
I occasionally feel a low self worth
I feel inadequate as a person
I frequently feel fearful when there is nothing to fear

The "G" Group

I often feel anxious for no reason
I sometimes feel free floating anxiety
I frequently feel edgy or find it difficult to sit still
I often feel a knot in my stomach
Falling asleep is sometimes difficult
It is hard to turn my mind off when I want to relax
I occasionally experience feelings of panic for no reason
I often use alcohol or other sedatives to calm down

The "D" Group

I lack pleasure in my life
I feel there are no real rewards in my life
I have unexplained lack of concern for others, even loved ones
I experience decreased parental feelings
Life seems less colorful or flavorful
Things that used to be fun are no longer fun
I have become a less spiritual or socially concerned person

The "N" Group

I suffer from a lack of energy
I often find it difficult to get going
I suffer from decreased drive
I often start projects but don't finish them
I frequently feel a need to sleep or hibernate
I feel depressed a good deal of the time
I occasionally feel paranoid
My survival seems threatened
I am bored a great deal of the time

The "S" Group

I can't stay asleep
I am often irritable
My emotions often lack rationality
I occasionally experience unexplained tears
Noise bothers me more than it used to
I flare up at others more easily
I experience unprovoked anger
I feel depressed much of the time
I find myself more susceptible to pain
I prefer to be left alone

1Terry Neher, DDS, NCAC II

Terry practiced dentistry for 22 years during which he incorporated nutritional counseling to aid dental patients in better overall health approaches. In 1986 Terry entered the addictions treatment field and was nationally certified as an addictions counselor. It was during his time as an addictions counselor that he applied his understanding of nutritional health in the recovery efforts for his clients. In this process he became interested in, and further educated in, the relationship between neurochemistry, health, and addictions. As he broadened his understanding and study of neurochemistry he came to utilize the nutritional support products developed by NeuroGenesis, and thus began the association that has lead him to become Clinical Advisor for NeuroGenesis.

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