What Are Neurotransmitters and How They Affect Your Life?

Just like hormones govern many chemical functions in the body, the brain's chemical functions are governed by "neurotransmitters."

A neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger used by neurons (nerve cells) to communicate in one direction with other neurons. Communication between neurons is accomplished by the recognition of a receptor for a specific chemical messenger; picture a ball (neurotransmitter) in a cup (receptor).

The human brain is very capable of automatically manufacturing the quantity of chemicals it needs IF it is given the raw materials (nutrients from foods) to do so.

However, normal diet does not supply enough of the raw materials the brain needs to manufacture enough neurotransmitters. Additionally, stress, worry, depression, emotional ups and downs, drugs, alcohol, poor nutrition, pollution and other factors of modern life are known to deplete neurotransmitter levels.

Neurotransmitter deficiency and/or imbalance can affect your stress condition, energy, appetite, cravings, sleep, mood, learning ability, focus, memory, sex drive, anger, irritability, temper, addictions and many other functions of daily life

With the amount of stress and diet inadequacy in our modern life we would have to consume approximately:

Several pounds of fish, multiple servings of whole milk, many platters of cheese and turkey every day just to keep our neurotransmitter levels normal.

Or, we could accomplish the same thing by taking Neu•Becalm’d™!

Neurotransmitter Information

Neurotransmitter Produce Deficiencies
May Cause
Present In Foods
Serotonin Emotional Stability Lack of rational emotion,
feelings of irritability,
sudden unexplained tears, sleep problems
5HTP or
L-tryptophan from food, Calcium and Magnesium
Dopamine Pleasure, reward, good feelings toward others, maternal/
paternal love
Anhedonia - No pleasure, world looks colorless, inability to "love", no remorse about personal behavior L-phenylalanine
Vitamin B6
Lean beef
Soy products
Norepinephrine Arousal,
energy, drive
Lack of ambition, lack of drive, depression L-phenylalanine
Vitamin B6
Lean beef
Soy products
GABA Staying calm Free floating anxiety, feelings that things are closing in around you, unexplained panic L-glutamine
Vitamin B6
Lean beef & pork
Sesame seeds
Sunflower seeds
Enkephalins Psychological pain relief Feelings of incompleteness,
lack of fulfillment,
feelings of inferiority,
feelings of inadequacy,
never feels "equal,"
fearful, insecure feelings
Vitamin B6
Folic Acid
Lima beans

Neu•Becalm’d™ is an all-natural supplement that gives the brain-targeted nutrients to aid in the balancing of neurotransmitters. Many papers suggest that certain disorders such as AD/HD, depression, or substance abuse may be caused by an imbalance of neurotransmitters in the brain. While we cannot say that beCALM'dâ„¢ will treat any of these disorders, it can help restore the natural balance and improved mental focus.

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