How to use the Shopping Cart

From the NeuroGenesis website you are on:

  • Click Buy Now in the upper right corner
  • Proceed bubble (toward the middle of the page)
  • Choose the product you want to order. This will automatically move you to the Personal Information page. Once this information is given, you will be given the option to Continue Shopping. Have your credit card information ready. It will be ask for later in the process.
  • New customers needing to create a new account: I am a new Customer bullet. (For future orders, you will click I am an existing Customer followed by your Customer ID# [or email if you have given us one] and Password.)
  • Fill out the customer information -- Put in any password you choose.
  • Double-check all of this information -- including spelling. Be absolutely certain that the Ship To information is complete and correct.
  • Create Account
  • Copy the page that is shown. This gives you the Retail Customer ID# and Password you will need the next time you order on line. Mark this site in your Favorite file for later use.
  • Continue Shipping
  • Read the information provided and continue to follow directions.
  • Enter credit card information when asked.
  • Be sure to click Process Order only once. Double-clicking may result in duplicate billing and/or duplicate orders being shipped.
  • The information you have just provided is placed on a Profile page that is used the next time you order. It is important that any changes to this information be made at the time of the on-line order so your order will be received in a timely manner. It is your responsibility to make sure that NeuroGenesis, Inc. has correct and undated shipping information. It is also important the NGI has e-mail and/or phone information in case a question arises during processing.
  • If you have questions or problems with the Shopping Cart, please use the Contact Us feature or call 800-862-5033.

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