Questions You May Have

We have compiled this list of some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers. Please read these before contacting us. Perhaps your question will be answered here.

Q. I have taken the product for one week and am not noticing any changes. Shouldn't I be feeling differently by now?

A. Everyone's neurochemistry is different. Most people began to notice slight differences in 7-10 days; some notice a change earlier, some later. Because our products actually began to build the neurochemicals, it is important to remember that it is a building process. As the neurochemistry builds, you will begin to realize you are sleeping better, waking more refreshed, thinking more clearly, reacting more calmly, experiencing more pleasure in life, etc. We suggest at least a 30 - 60 day trial before drawing any conclusions. Also, the more stress we are under the more chemicals our brain uses. Therefore, during high stress situations, our chemistry is trying desperately to get caught up. It sometimes takes a while to actually get and stay ahead neurochemically.

Q. My doctor says ... I am experiencing ... I have been diagnosed with ... I am taking ... etc.

A. We are not medical professionals and cannot comment on these types of questions. We cannot provide on line counseling or consultations for our customers. Please consult your health care professional with medical questions. If you have any specific questions regarding NeuroGenesis supplements, we will be glad to answer those questions.

Q. I have been taking your product and feel great! Can I discontinue the use without experiencing withdrawals?

A. Our products are nutritional supplements and are not addictive in any way. You can discontinue their use without fear of side effects. However, the reality is that most of us are under constant life stressors, and this stress has been shown to deplete chemistry. The more daily stress we are under, the more neurochemicals are required on a daily basis. Rather than stop the use completely, we suggest that you reduce your dosage by one capsule. Stay at that reduced amount for several days to make sure that you are still doing as well. If so, reduce one more capsule and follow the same pattern. If you begin to feel any of your old stress related problems or cravings returning, increase the dose by one capsule and remain at that dose. Often, our chemistry needs some ongoing nutritional support to offset life's daily stress. You may not always need to take six capsules, but you may always need to take some.

Q. I have contacted you and not gotten a reply? Why?

A. We respond to questions within 48 hours, however, it is possible that your email server may be blocking our responses or that you have inadvertently placed our information in the block senders list. Increasingly, ISPs are using filtering systems that filter out messages that you actually want to receive.

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