Product Safety

Neu•Becalm’d™, Neu•Recover™, Neu•Relieve™, Neu•Replenish™, Neu•Slim™

These NeuroGenesis products can best be described as food concentrates, where the main ingredients, free form amino acids, vitamins and minerals are extracted from food/plant sources and are encapsulated into amounts appropriate to create results safely. The ingredients in these NGI products are water-soluble and are naturally extracted (not synthetically created in a lab).

The one fat-soluble vitamin that is used in Neu•Slim™ and Neu•Recover™ is Vitamin E.

The vitamin and mineral combinations are selectively chosen for each of the above products to help the body and brain reach a healthier balance and to provide greater assurance that the ingredients pass the blood brain barrier and are absorbed properly.

Please read the "Understanding Precautions" information.

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IMPORTANT: Nutritional supplements work best in conjunction with a healthy diet. Optimal health does not happen overnight, but requires a building process. Please be faithful to yourself and to your body by taking NGI products on a regular, on-going basis.