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NeuroGenesis provides the added benefit of an Autoship program. This is a great advantage for our customers who use the product on an ongoing basis. Everyone has had the experience of suddenly realizing you are down to four capsules and it will take a week to get it. The Autoship program ships your standing order on/about the same day each month without the customer having to constantly remember to reorder. The Autoship date can change either way by one or two days if it falls on a weekend or holiday.

The only requirement for Autoship is that at least one bottle of product is sent monthly. If you wish to change, suspend, or cancel your Autoship, all you have to do is call the corporate office at least five (5) days before your order is due to be shipped out.

Another great advantage of the program is that it saves money! Autoship prices save 10% off the Retail, product price; plus, shipping and handling charges may be reduced when multiple bottles are ordered.

Autoship orders are processed with a standing credit card number. Because a holiday or weekend can slide your order up or back a day or two, it is never advisable to use a debit card. Please remember to send any credit card changes or expiration date changes to the corporate office so your order will not be cancelled or delayed.

The Preferred rate is available to customers who are using a monthly Autoship or who consistently order product on a monthly basis. If one of these two options is not met, the customer will revert to a regular customer and orders will be placed at Retail price.

To make changes to a product order, put a short suspension on a product, or cancel an order, please call 800-862-5033 x105 or e-mail from our contact form.

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