Diagram Two: GABA and The Chloride Channel

As the GABA Sensitive Ring and either the Second or Third Neurotransmitter rings begin to fill with their respective molecules, they tighten the whole GABA complex, thereby widening the chloride channel to allow more chloride to enter. Since chloride neutralizes norepinephrine, this process can calm excessive nervousness, tension, and stress.

Since the Second and Third Neurotransmitter Rings are sensitive to external source substances such as benzodiazepines, barbiturates and alcohol, these external substances can cause the Chloride Channel to open, thereby assisting in the neutralizing of additional adrenaline.

However, prolonged use of any external substances that cause the GABA complex to widen without the natural production of GABA, can eventually send the message to the brain that GABA is no longer needed. The brain doesn't produce neurotransmitters to store, rather it produces them for immediate use. Therefore, if the brain continues to receive the message that GABA is not needed to widen the chloride channel, the brain may finally slow down the GABA production, thereby creating a deficiency.

It takes at least two of the rings filling with molecules to tighten the whole complex. The amino acid L-Glutamine is a precursor to GABA. Therefore, an amino acid supplement containint L-Glutamine can nutritionally support the natural production of GABA.

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