The Combo - Nutritional support for rebuilding healthy brain chemistry altered or depleted by the prolonged use of opiate drugs.

The prolonged or excessive use of opiate drugs by thousands across America is causing many to suffer more from the medications they were prescribed than they feel they suffered from the original injury or situation that brought them to obtain the prescription in the first place.

When given pain killing medication, the neurotransmitters in the brain that would otherwise internally produce natural painkillers (or endorphins) cease to function normally. The brain stops producing endorphins naturally (within the brain) because it is receiving what it needs externally, from the opiate drugs. When this happens, a physical dependency to this external supply of opiates has occurred. Sudden abstinence from opiates will induce an uncomfortable, traumatic experience known as withdrawal. Never try to abruptly stop or dramatically reduce the use of pain medication.

Opiates include (but are not limited to) heroin, morphine, Codeine, opium, Oxycodone and its many derivatives (e.g.OxyContin), Dilaudid, Fentanyl, Demerol, Hydrocodone (e.g. Vicodin), and others.

Those who are tapering from the excessive or prolonged use of prescription pain pills or are withdrawing from the use of opiate drugs such as heroin or methadone, The Combo nutritional supplement pack provides the building blocks that allow the brain to supply the natural painkilling endorphins that it ceased to produce when the external source (prescription drugs) was initiated.

D-phenylalanine is the amino acid that stops the breakdown of endorphins, which enables the body to benefit from the natural pain-relieving neurotransmitters for a longer period of time. When this is combined with the increased levels of other amino acids, as well as vitamin and mineral co-enzymes, the body and brain are supplied with nutritional support for restoring and rebuilding healthy brain chemistry.

Other benefits you may notice are:
  • Focus and think more clearly
  • Regain and retain a positive mood
  • Internal well-being, calm
  • Sleep more soundly and refreshed
  • Cope with every day stress more successfully
  • Control our emotions
  • Feel hopeful and positive, more optimistic
  • Experience a higher level of self-worth
  • Relax and "turn my mind off"
  • Sustain an improved energy level

NeuroGenesis has packaged two great supplements together: NeuBecalm'd and NeuRelieve. These two synergistically combine for added support to augment the process of regaining good health.

In the beginning, we recommend taking a total of six capsules per day* - three capsules of each product: two NeuBecalm'd and one NeuRelieve in the morning and two NeuRelieve and one NeuBecalm'd in the early afternoon (about 30 minutes before your evening meal). This combination will help begin the repair and rebuilding of the natural neurotransmitters that have been depleted by the use of the opiate drugs and also by ongoing stress.

*As you taper, be sure to put 2-3 hours between any NeuroGenesis supplement and a prescription medication. Never try to stop or taper an opiate derivative drug without professional help.

It is important to be patient with yourself and not to become discouraged. Keep moving forward - one step at a time.

Why use the Combo?

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