Pain medications

The primary purposes of suggesting a NeuBecalm'd/NeuRelieve combination is during the process of tapering from excessive or prolonged use of opiate based prescription pain pills or while withdrawing from the use of opiate drugs such as heroin or methadone.

The primary neurotransmitter system that is affected by these opiate derivative drugs is one known as methionine enkephalin (or met-enkephalin). This system consists of a chain of amino acids that combine to aid the brain in interpreting pain, providing internal calm and a positive self-concept.

When this met-enkephalin system is at adequate levels, we feel "complete" and are more able to suppress physical, as well as emotional, pain. When this transmitter is in short supply, everything "hurts", - physically, mentally and emotionally. We feel extremely inadequate, insecure and often fearful. Every move elicits pain.

When we combine NeuBecalm'd with NeuRelieve we are providing the amino acids that make up this met-enkephalin system. From NeuRelieve we get L-tyrosine and L-glycine. From NeuBecalm'd we get L-phenylalanine, which also produces L-tyrosine. In most American diets, methionine is in adequate supply. These two NeuroGenesis supplements also contain the vitamin and mineral enzymes that are needed to assure adequate absorption.

In addition, the presence of D-phenylalanine in both NeuBecalm'd and NeuRelieve actually stops the break down of the enkephalin molecule. By keeping the enkephalin molecule active longer, the body is able to benefit from the pain relieving neurotransmitter for a longer period of time. When this is combined with the increased levels of amino acids, this NeuBecalm'd/NeuRelieve combo will help increase the overall levels of the met-enkephalin system that have been effected by the opiate drugs. This gives the body and brain much needed support during the tapering process.

As you taper, be sure to put 2-3 hours between any NeuroGenesis supplement and a prescription medication. This Combo does not take the place of prescription medications.

These two supplements synergistically combine for added support to augment the process of regaining good health.

Prolonged stress

Another situation that we are finding the Combo useful for is during the early stages of recovery from severe or prolonged trauma or stress. Stress dramatically depletes the various calming chemistries of GABA, the opioids, serotonin and eventually dopamine. The longer and more severe the stressful situation, the more dramatic the depletion(s).

Because dopamine converts to norepinephrine, the same amino acid (l-phenylalanine) provides the food or fuel that builds both of these neurotransmitters. Dopamine is the "feel good" neurotransmitter that allows the normal pleasures of life to be experienced. Among other things, norepinephrine will increase your energy levels. While this is wonderful for those who are mildly depressed and need the extra energy and drive to simply get out of bed in the mornings, others who have been experiencing severe or prolonged stress find this increased energy to be agitating.

By using the Combo, you get the best of both worlds. The building blocks for GABA and serotonin are present in NeuRelieve, as well as a d-phenylalanine, which helps improve the activity levels of the opioids. NeuBecalm'd also has the building blocks for serotonin and GABA, as well as dopamine. This combination allows for some dopamine build, without overdoing the norepinephrine build. This results in a less agitating method of early stabilization for those suffering from the effects of prolonged stress.

Follow-up supplementation for NeuRelieve users

NeuroGenesis' NeuRelieve supplement is primarily used as nutritional support for restoring and rebuilding healthy brain chemistry that has been altered or depleted by the long-term use of antianxiety drugs. In conjunction with professional support during the tapering process, NeuRelieve has been found by many to effectively rebuild the depleted GABA system, and to make the tapering process more manageable.

It has been suggested that NeuBecalm'd be used in the place of NeuRelieve once the tapering has been slowly and successfully accomplished.

We are finding that this is another good time to use the Combo. The object of making the switch from NeuRelieve to NeuBecalm'd is to begin building the neurotransmitters dopamine and norepinephrine (from the amino acid l-phenylalanine in NeuBecalm'd). Because norepinephrine provides energy, drive, motivation, assertiveness, etc. it is sometimes wise to reintroduce this neurochemical slowly to make certain it does not cause excessive energy or anxiety.

This is best accomplished by taking the Combo for one month before switching to NeuBecalm'd.

Combo dosage suggestion

At this time, we recommend taking a total of six capsules per day: two NeuBecalm'd and one NeuRelieve in the morning and two NeuRelieve and one NeuBecalm'd in the early afternoon (about 30 minutes before your evening meal). Do not take more than a total of six capsules per day. Always consult a health care professional before decreasing or discontinuing any medication.

This combination will help begin the repair and rebuilding of the natural neurotransmitters that have been depleted by the use of the opiate drugs and also by prolonged stress. As the GABA activity begins to balance, the person feels much calmer with reduced agitation and sensitivity to the everyday stress. Coping with ongoing issues and thinking clearly began to take place more instinctively and naturally.

The journey from darkness to light takes time. Please be patient with yourself. Deal with each day as it comes, taking pride in every little accomplishment along the way.

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